OEM manufacturer Electric Spark Edm Drill Machines - EDM Hole Drill Machine(XCC8-F) – BiGa

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Casing: ABS polymer casing box die cast aluminum

Response Speed: 60mmin. (198.6feetmin)

Dimension: 265*182″48mm for TOP20; 290″190″105mm for BC20

Weight: 1.1KG for TOP20,2.85KG for BC20

Quantizing error: +-1count

Connection Type: 9 pin D-type

Encoder input: 5v TTL 90 quadrature phase difference

Keypad type: Membrane with PCB mounting tactile switch

Power Source: AC 110-220V, 50-60 Hz

Power: Universal power supply

Temperature: Operating 0 ~ 40 deg C,

Display: 8-digits green color LED display


General Functions

Metric/lmperial Conversion. Zero Reset. Preset Dimension

1/2 Distance Mode to aid Centre Finding. Recall Memorised Position.

 Absolute and Incremental coordinate display modes.

Mechanical Zero & Workpiece Zero.

Shrink Function: Shrinkage allowance can be set to compensate for casting or moulding shrinkage.

Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) Function: The console will output X and Y coordinates for each hole.


Calculator Functions

Maths Functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Trig Functions: SIN, COS, TAN, SIN-1, COS-1, TAN-1, X2, v, I (pi)

Axis position can be transferred to calculator as an operator.

Result can be transferred back to an axis


EDM Functions

EDM depth control function


Lathe Functions

Tool Compensation and Tool Number.

Diameter or Radius Reading.

Set tool compensation dimension


Mult-function Functions (for millirg, boring, lathe, gridng, ED)

1] PCD circular sub-holes (for milling, EDM)

2] Slash punch (for milling machine)

3] Tool compensation function (for milling machine)

4] Taper measurement function (for lathe)

5] Slope processing (for milling machinel

6] R arc function (for milling machine)

7] 200 tool magazine (for lathe)

8] EDM functions (for EDM, ordered separately)

9] 8S-232 communication (ordered separately)

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