(ASD5)BiGa High Precision Grating Glass Linear Scale 5um Resolution & TTL Signal & measuring length

Short Description:

Linear Scale when used in conjunction with our counter is designed for manual machine tools or other equipment having linear movements, for example cut off saws.

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ASD5 series BIGA glass Grating Scale linear scale

This is Grating Scale. Our product Linear scale Grating Scale widely applied to milling machine,grinding machine,lathe,EDM and so on. According to customer’need,the company can supply products such as grating of special types and specifications,as well as magnescale,both assorted with other apparatus and special mechanical equipments.

Grating Scale Specifications:

1, Bar pitch: 0.02mm (50 line pairs/mm), 0.04mm (25 line pairs/mm)

2, Resolution: 0.0005mm, 0.001mm, 0.01mm

3, Accuracy: +-0.003mm,+-0.005mm, +-0.008mm, +-0.01mm (20 °C 1000mm)

4, Reference mark: 1 ref. mark every 50mm or 100mm, distance-coded

5, Measuring lengths: 1100 - 3000mm

6, Output signal: TTL, HTL, EIA-422-A, 1Vpp, 11uApp

7, Max. speed of response: 30m/min, 60m/min

8, Operating temperature: 0 to 45°C

9, Storage temperature: -40 to 55°C

Linear Scale Features

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