Manufacturing principle and application of NC EDM machine

CNC EDM machine tool is a tool that uses EDM technology to process metal materials. It uses a pair of electrodes to form an extremely small discharge gap in the working fluid, and generates spark discharge through high-frequency voltage to remove the tiny particles of the metal material. The following are the manufacturing principles and applications of CNC EDM machine tools:

Manufacturing principle:

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1. Control system: The key part of CNC EDM machine tool is the control system, which includes computer, CNC controller, servo system and programming software. Operators can input work instructions through programming, and control the electrode movement and discharge process through the control system.

2. Discharge process: In the working fluid, by controlling the distance between electrodes and the discharge current, spark discharge can be formed. When discharging, a very small gap is formed between the electrode and the workpiece, and the electrons in the conductive liquid will generate spark discharge, which will peel off the tiny metal particles on the surface of the workpiece.

3. Automatic compensation: CNC EDM machine can automatically compensate the wear of electrodes and workpieces, and maintain the stability of the discharge gap. Generally, the movement of the electrode is controlled by the servo system, so that the electrode is constantly approaching the cutting area to maintain a suitable discharge gap.

1. Precision mold processing: CNC EDM machine tools can be used to manufacture precision metal molds, such as injection molds, stamping molds, etc. It can accurately etch complex shapes on metal materials, improving the precision and surface quality of molds.

2. Manufacture of fine parts: CNC EDM machine tools can process fine metal parts, such as micro chips, micro motors, etc. Its processing accuracy can reach the sub-micron level, and it can obtain high-precision and high-precision processing effects.

3. Complex surface processing: CNC EDM machine tools can also be used to process complex surface structures, such as porous structures on the surface of molds, complex curves on auto parts, etc. It has the characteristics of large processing range and strong flexibility, and can meet the processing needs of various complex shapes.

In short, CNC EDM machine tools are widely used in the fields of mold manufacturing, micro-component processing and complex surface processing due to their high precision, high efficiency and flexibility. It can meet the precision and quality requirements of modern manufacturing, and play an important role in improving production efficiency and reducing costs.


Post time: Jun-17-2023