Tips of installing EDM hole drilling machine

(1) The ambient temperature of the drilling machine installation site should be between 10℃ and 30℃.

(2) In the place of stamping equipment and planer, the vibration and impact are not appropriate for the installation of machine. However, if there is no better place than this, the installation of the electrical hole drill machine in the place shall be shock-proof.

(3) Because the operation panel is easy to corrode, it should be avoided as far as possible to place the place close to the heat treatment workshop, electroplating workshop and similar places.

(4) The maintenance of machine in dusty places is also inappropriate.

(5) Check the installation site according to the general layout and consider whether there is enough space to install the electronic hole drill machine. At the same time, a certain width space should be guaranteed between machines, so that it is easy to operate and maintain the machine.

(6) The width and height of the front of the unloading place should be checked, and the handling route of the machine should be considered in advance to prevent damage to the machine in the process of installation.

Placement of CNC EDM Hole Drill Machine

The machine according to the layout diagram arrangement.Taking into account the repair and maintenance of the machine, the space around the machine and between the machine should be guaranteed to be 80 cm wide.

The four bottom foot screws on the hole at the bottom of the EDM hole drilling machine (two before and two after each), and under the screws respectively on the round pad iron (in the machine).

(3) After the placement, unload the fixed table of the Angle iron, and install the housing.

(4) Place the worktable in the center of the machine and clean the surface of the worktable.

⑸ placed two fitter level on the table surface, adjust the anchor screw, so that the machine to reach the level position, the level of tolerance should be within 0.04mm/m.6

Post time: Apr-29-2021