Under the influence of the epidemic, Dongguan Bica advantages and development

Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic on the world, the global economic environment has become more severe. In particular, the shutdown of European and American companies has caused economic downturns, which has caused China’s machinery exports to face severe challenges. The good news is that Dongguan Bica is in such a severe situation. Under the current situation, the total export volume and export orders have still increased.

Facing the unfavorable economic situation, Dongguan Bica realized through the reverse thinking that the international market was sluggish, but this was precisely a good development opportunity. The economic difficulties and the inability to go abroad forced many foreign buyers to adopt simpler, direct and efficient Way to find new EDM machine in a simpler, direct and efficient way. Machine manufacturer, and the high cost performance products of Dongguan Bica EDM machine have attracted customers from many countries to inquiry us again and again.

In addition, the Canton Fair and other international exhibitions that help to actively participate in international expansion and popularity, so that more foreign merchants can understand and understand Dongguan Bica EDM machine, this is also the information feedback through the exhibition, let us keenly grasp the market dynamics, according to as the international situation changes, this year’s our international focus on the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other Arab countries, and develop products more suitable for these target customers.

Dongguan Bica has independent import and export rights is one of the mainstream of CNC advantages of many domestic spark machine manufacturers. There are not many real strengths in the production enterprises, and even fewer companies have independent import and export rights in this regard. Our qualification strength, delivery speed, and product quality have given customers more reasons to choose Dongguan Bica.

Post time: Jul-23-2020