What is the method of surface grinding machine fault inspection?

The surface grinder fault detection method is a high-tech and high efficiency automatic grinding machine which integrates electronic information technology, automatic control technology, servo motor drive technology, precision measurement technology and precision mechanical equipment.Is a new type of industrial production control system.Although different numerical control systems differ in structure and characteristics, they are related to each other in fault detection.So what is the method of surface grinding machine fault inspection?

The reliability of modern numerical control system is getting higher and higher, the failure rate of numerical control system equipment has decreased sharply, but most of the failures are caused by the non-system software itself, because the surface grinding machine is a set of mechanical equipment, hydraulic machine and electrical equipment in one of the surface grinding machine, the fault is reflected in the three.Maintenance personnel should check one by one from outside to inside.As far as possible to reduce the random opening, disassembly, otherwise it will expand the fault, so that the grinding machine lack of accuracy, reduce the characteristics.External failures of the system software are mainly caused by difficulties in testing power switches, hydraulic systems, pneumatic components, electrical equipment components, mechanical equipment, etc.In general, mechanical faults are easy to find, but fault diagnosis of CNC machine tool systems and electrical equipment is very difficult.

More attention should be paid to eliminating reflection faults prior to troubleshooting.First of all, in the static state of the power off the grinder, according to the understanding, observation, testing and analysis, to determine that the boot will not cause failure expansion and safety accidents, and then boot.In the operating state, dynamic observation, detection and test, to find out the fault.In the event of a catastrophic failure after boot, boot is not allowed until the risk has been cleared.

When a variety of faults cross each other, can not find the direction of the moment, must first deal with very simple problems, and then deal with the higher difficulty coefficient of the problem.Often, difficult problems become easier and easier after they are solved simply.


Post time: Apr-14-2021