With the continuous development of CNC technology, China’s CNC machinery industry has gradually entered a transformation

With the diversification of market demands and the continuous development of CNC technology, China’s CNC machinery industry has gradually entered an important period of change-innovative ideas, changes in the supply and demand market, product update speed and other aspects are about to usher in a dramatic change . The signs of all this indicate that a new round of shuffling is coming.

As we all know, Guangdong is currently one of the largest CNC machinery production bases in the country and even the world. The types include CNC spark machines, CNC punching machines, CNC wire cutting machines, machining centers and other products. However, due to the low barriers to entry in the industry, there are a large number of small manufacturers Small workshops are mixed up. In order to compete for the market, many Guangdong CNC machine manufacturers are desperately bargaining with each other, but they are ignoring the increasing number of CNC machine manufacturers in other regions. At present, the numerical advantage of CNC machine manufacturers in Guangdong is relatively unobvious. Jinan in Shandong, Anhui in Nanjing, and Beijing in Hebei The emergence of numerical control machinery manufacturers in the region has caught Guangdong’s numerical control machinery manufacturers by surprise. And as developed countries in Europe and America return to manufacturing, a large number of more competitive manufacturers will emerge.

Innovative ideas and product update speeds are an important force for a company’s long-term development. However, this requires strong technical and financial support. The CNC machinery industry has a history of several decades from its emergence to maturity. The current market and customers’ Performance configuration and quality reliability have higher requirements, not only can be used to meet customer needs. For large manufacturers that have already made large-scale prominence, how to stick to themselves and lead the development of the industry has become the key. As the market demand changes, the requirements for product functions and performance are also becoming more specialized and high-end.

The series of products such as CNC EDM machine, CNC punching machine, CNC wire cutting machine, machining center and other products sold by Dongguan Bica always stand out in the market due to their advantages of multiple functions and high cost performance. The next step is to reshuffle the industry. As a numerical control (CNC) machinery and equipment enterprise, Dongguan City BiGa Grating Machinery CO., LTD. will rely on the company’s strong research and development capabilities and technical strength to expand more space in the market.

Post time: Jul-23-2020