VTL2000ATC CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

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This machine tool is made of advanced Mihanna cast iron and box structure design and manufacture, after proper annealing treatment, eliminate internal stress, tough material, coupled with box structure design, high rigid body structure, so that the machine has enough rigidity and strength, the whole machine shows heavy cutting ability and high reproduction precision characteristics. The beam is a stepped lifting system, with a highly user-friendly operational design, which can maximize the heavy cutting capacity. The beam moving clamping and loosening device is hydraulic loosening and hydraulic clamping.


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Machine tool technical parameter

Model VTL2000ATC
Maximum rotating diameter mm Ø2500
Maximum rotating diameter mm Ø2300
Maximum workpiece height mm 1600
Maximum processed weight kg 10000
Manual four jaw chuck mm Ø2000
Spindle speed Low rpm 1~50
High rpm 50~200
Inner diameter of main shaft bearing mm Ø685
Tool rest type   ATC
The number of tools that can be placed pcs 12
Hilt form   BT50
Maximum tool rest size mm 280W×150T×380L
Maximum tool weight kg 50
Maximum knife store load kg 600
Tool change time sec 50
X-axis travel mm -1000,+1350
Z-axis travel mm 1200
Beam lift distance mm 1150
Rapid displacement in the X-axis m/min 10
Z-axis rapid displacement m/min 10
Spindle motor FANUC kw 60/75(α60HVI )
X axis servo motor FANUC kw 5.5(α40HVIS )
Z axis servo motor FANUC kw 5.5(α40HVIS )
Hydraulic motor kw 2.2
Cutting oil motor kw 3
Hydraulic oil capacity L 130
Lubricating oil capacity L 4.6
Cutting bucket L 900
Machine appearance length x width mm 5840×4580
Machine height mm 6030
Mechanical weight kg 49000
Total electricity capacity KVA 115

Machine tool characteristics

1. Base box structure, thick ribbed wall and multi-layer ribbed wall design, can minimize thermal deformation, can withstand static, dynamic distortion and deformation stress, to ensure the bed height rigidity and high stability. The column adopts special symmetrical box-type structure, which can provide strong support for the slide table during heavy cutting, and is the best display of high rigidity and precision. The general conditions of mechanical equipment comply with JIS/VDI3441 standard.

2. Z-axis square rail uses a large cross-sectional area (220×220mm) to improve cutting capacity and ensure high cylindricity. The slide column is made of alloy steel through annealing.

3. High precision, high rigidity spindle head, the machine adopts FANUC high horsepower spindle servo motor (power up to 60/75KW).

4. The main shaft bearings are selected from the United States "TIMKEN" CROSS ROLLER or European "PSL" cross roller bearings, with an inner diameter of φ685mm large bearing aperture, providing super axial and radial heavy load. This bearing can ensure long time heavy cutting, excellent accuracy, stability, low friction good heat dissipation and strong spindle support, suitable for large workpieces and asymmetric workpieces processing.

5. Transmission characteristics:
1) No noise and heat transfer to the spindle.
2) No vibration transmission to the spindle to ensure cutting quality.
3) Transmission and spindle separation lubrication system.
4) High transmission efficiency (over 95%).
5) The shift system is controlled by the gear fork, and the shift is stable.
6. Cross-type roller bearing characteristics:
1) Double row cross roller occupies only one row roller space, but its application point is not reduced.
2) Occupy small space, low bed height, easy to operate.
3) Low center of gravity, small centrifugal force.
4) Using Teflon as the bearing retainer, the inertia is small, and it can be operated at low torque.
5) Uniform heat conduction, low wear, long life.
6) High rigidity, high precision, vibration resistance, easy lubrication.

7. X/Z axis adopts FANUC AC prolonging motor and large diameter ball screw (precision C3/C5, pre-pull mode, can eliminate thermal expansion, improve rigidity) direct transmission, no belt drive accumulated error, repetition and positioning accuracy. High precision angular ball bearings are used for support.

8. ATC knife library: The automatic tool changing mechanism is adopted, and the capacity of the knife library is 12. Shank type 7/24taper BT-50, single tool maximum weight 50kg, tool library maximum load 600 kg, built-in cutting water device, can really cool the blade life, thereby reducing processing costs.

9. Electrical box: The electrical box is equipped with air conditioner to effectively reduce the internal ambient temperature of the electrical box and ensure the stability of the system. The external wiring part has a protective snake tube, which can withstand heat, oil and water.

10. Lubrication system: The machine automatic depressurized lubrication system collection of oil, with advanced depressurized intermittent oil supply system, with timing, quantitative, constant pressure, each way to provide timely and appropriate amount of oil to each lubrication point, to ensure that each lubrication position does get lubricating oil, so that the mechanical long-term operation without worries.

11. X/ Z axis is a symmetric box-type hard rail sliding table. After heat treatment, the sliding surface is combined with a wear plate (Turcite-B) to form a precision sliding table group with high precision and low friction.

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