PCLS140200NC/PCLS150200NC/PCLS120250NC/PCLS150250NC Beam-type double-head gantry rail grinding machine

Short Description:

  • Table size(x*y): 1400/1500×2000mm / 1200/1500×2500mm
  • X axis travel: 2200mm / 2700mm
  • Max center of wheel to table: 670mm
  • Max.Distance from work table to beam: 1700/1800 / 1500/1800mm
  • Maximum load: 5500kg/6000kg
  • Model: AHR / AHD / NC / CNC
  • Product Detail

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    Parameters Table parameter Unit 140200/150200NC 120250/150250NC
    Capacity Table size(x*y) mm 1400/1500x2000 1200/1500x2500
    Xaxis travel mm 2200  2700
      mm 670 670
    Max center of wheel to table
    Max.Distance from work table to beam mm 1700/1800 1500/1800
    Table Maximum load kg 5500 6000
    Table speed m/min 5~28 5~28
    TableT cell specification mmx N 18*6 18*4/18*6
    Grinding head grinding wheel size max mm Φ500xΦ203×50-75
    spindle motor H XP 15x4 15x4
    (50HZ)  R.P.M Grinding wheel speed R.P.M 1450 1450
    Angular head Grinding wheel size mm 350*127*40
    Rotation angle ° left90/right90
    spindle motor H XP 7.5*4 7.5*4
    Inverter motor reversing speed (optional)
    R.P.M 0~1500 0~1500
    Size height of machine mm ≈3600 ≈3600
    (Motion Height)
    floor space mm 5900x4300 6720x4100/4300
    weight kg ≈26000/≈27000 ≈27000/≈28000
    Factory drawing of surface grinder
    Packing in wooden cases
    Factory drawing of surface grinder2
    Grinder packaging

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