Precision Molding Surface Grinder 450S

Short Description:

  • Work table size: 150 x 450mm
  • Max.Length of grinding: 465mm
  • Max.width of grinding: 175mm
  • Distance from spindle centre to work table: 400mm
  • Standard sizeof magnetic disk: 150 x 400mm
  • Manual stroke: 465 / 520mm
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    Standard accessories:

    Magnetic Chuck 1 pcs

    Grinding Wheel 1 pcs

    Wheel dresser with diamond 1 pcs

    Wheel flange 1 pcs

    Tool box 1 pcs

    leveling screw and plates 1 pcs

    flange extractor 1 pcs

    Tool box with adjusting tool 1 pcs

    wheel balancing arbor 1 pcs

    coolant system 1 pcs

    wheel balancing base 1 pcs

    Linear scale (1 um 2 axis cross/vertical

    Special configuration:

    Frequency converter

    Structure: main casting are made of super wear resitant cast iron and are quenched to eliminate the inner stress, so as to ensure high precision,high. rigidity and to increase of service life.

    Slide rail: double V slide rail on all sides are stick to TURCITE-B which is an Italian great wear-resistant rail belt and are scraped precisely to make it smooth sliding and wear-resistant.It is most suitable for forming grinding.

    Spindle: The direct type spindle is designed by cartridge-type integration, and are made of super-precise cylindrical bearing of German P4 degree. The spindle is less noise, low vibration and high torque and is suitable for heave cutting and all kinds of grinding.

    Auto lubrication system: It is a loop type Auto lubrication system. Lubricant can automatically loop and provide forced lubrication for all screws and slide rail. The auto lubrication system could greatly reduce wear level of slide rail. There is a oil mirror above the column to check the situation of lubrication.

    Worktable drive system: It use clad steel wire synchronous belt drive to reduce replacement of steel wire. The synchronous belt is connected with worktable with a flexible connection to ensure smooth drive.

    Free flow design: It could supply oil for slide rail on constant pressure. Therefore, The design could eliminate the error of accuracy of working slide rail caused by oil supply of electromagnetic.


    Model 450S
    Main specification Work table size 150x450mm
    Max.Length of grinding 465mm
    Max.width of grinding 175mm
    Distance from spindle centre to work table 400mm
    Standard sizeof magnetic disk 150x400mm
    Gross feed Manual stroke 465/520mm
    Oil pressure stroke /
    Worktable speed /
    Longitudinal feed Auto feed /
    Rapid feed /
    Manual stroke 200mm
    Handwheel per revolution 5mm
    Handwheel per gradu tai on 0.02mm
    Vertical feed Handwheel per revolution 1mm
    Handwheel per gradu tai on 0.005mm
    Grinding wheel Size(OD*W*ID) Φ180x13xΦ31.75
    Spindle speed(50Hz/60Hz) 2850/3600RPM
    Motor Spindle motor 1.5HP
    Dust collection motor 1/2HP
    Pump motor 1/8HP
    Machine size L*W*H 1675x1214x 1968mm
    Machine weight Gross weight 950kg

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