What are the advantages of vertical machining center

Although the traditional machine tool is cheaper than the vertical machining center, but the value of the vertical machining center is reflected in the production efficiency above, good design process determines the CNC milling machine (vertical machining center) has more advantages than the traditional machine tool, let’s point out the specific advantages.

1, for a higher static and dynamic demeanor.

The efficiency of the vertical machining center is higher than that of the traditional machine tool, which requires that measures must be taken to greatly reduce the single machining time.

2, with static stiffness.

Machine tool bed, guide rail, table, tool rest and headstock and other components of the structural stiffness will affect its own geometric accuracy and due to the deformation of these factors are required to have higher static stiffness CNC machine tools.

3,vertical machining center has smaller thermal deformation.

Milling Machine center in the processing by cutting heat, friction heat and other internal and external heat sources, the parts will have different degrees of thermal deformation, which will shadow the accuracy.

Because the machining center spindle speed, feed speed and cutting are greater than the traditional machine tool, and the process automation, often continuous processing, so the heat generated by liquid cooling, cooling and other methods to control the temperature rise; To improve the structure of machine tool, the thermal deformation of components occurs in the direction of non – error – sensitive.

4,The friction between moving parts is small and the clearance of the transmission system is removed.

The displacement of the machining center worktable with pulse equivalent as the smallest unit, in the case of the knife, the speed of the work movement.

5, high life, good accuracy retention.

Good lubrication system to ensure the life of the vertical machining center, guide rail, feed screw and spindle parts are used in the new wear-resistant working center in the long-term use process can maintain good accuracy.

6,The design is more humanized.

Machining center using spindle, multi tool holder and automatic tool change device, a clamping to complete the processing of multiple procedures, save a lot of clamping tool change time to manual operation, using closed or semi-closed processing, so that the man-machine interface bright, clean, coordinated.

The machine tool each interlock ability is strong, can prevent the accident, improves the operator’s observation and protection conditions, and is equipped with emergency stop device, in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, all operations are concentrated in one operation and the board, clear at a glance, reduce the wrong operation.

Post time: Apr-21-2021