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High-speed high-precision vertical machining center adopts imported control systems such as Mitsubishi and Fanuc and its supporting servo drives and motors to realize three-axis or multi-axis linkage. It is suitable for complex structures, multiple processes, high precision requirements, and multiple installation Only clamping and adjustment can complete the processing of the processed parts. The machining center can process cabinets, complex curved surfaces, shaped parts, plates, sleeves, and plate parts, and is widely used in aerospace, automotive locomotives, instrumentation, light industrial textiles, electronic appliances, and machinery manufacturing.

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The main technical parameters

Processing size

Model Unit MVP 1166
Work table
Table size mm(inch) 1200×600(48×24)
T—solts size( solt number x widthx distance) mm(inch) 5×18×110(0.2×0.7×4.4)
Maximum load Kg(lbs) 800(1763.7)
X-axis travel mm(inch) 1100(44)
Y—axis travel mm(inch) 600(24)
Z—axis travel mm(inch) 600(25)
Distance from Spindle nose to table mm(inch) 120-720(4.8-28.8)
Distance from spindle center to column surface mm(inch) 665(26.6)
Spindle taper type BT40
Spindle Speeds r.p.m 10000/12000/15000
Drive type Belt-tvpe/Directly coupled/Directlv coupled
Feed rate
Cutting feed rate m/min(inch/min) 10(393.7)
Rapid on (X/Y/Z) axes m/min(inch/min) 36/36/30
(X/Y/Z) fast moving speed m/min(inch/min) 1417.3/1417.3/1181.1
Automatic tool changing system
Tool Type type BT40
Tool capacity set Arm 24T
Maximum tool diameter  m(inch) 80(3.1)
Maximum tool length m(inch) 300(11.8)
Maximum tool weight  kg(lbs) 7(15.4)
Tool to tool change  sec 3
Spindle drive motor
Contimious operation / 30 min rated
Servo drive motor X, Y, Z axis (kw/hp) 3.0/3.0/3.0
Machine floor space and weight
Floor space mm(inch) 3900×2500×3000
Weight kg(lbs) 7800(17196.1)
Machine Center
Transmission parts

Quality assurance

During the assembly of the fuselage, each process is quality controlled according to the 50% tolerance of the national standard, which effectively reduces the overall deviation caused by the cumulative error. After the assembly is completed, 72 hours of copying machine operation is performed to monitor various indicators such as noise, vibration, rapid movement, and tool change. Advanced equipment such as laser interferometer, ball bar, dynamic balance instrument and three-coordinate measuring instrument are used to inspect the machine tool, parts trial processing inspection, heavy cutting inspection and rigid tapping inspection, to ensure that all performances meet the factory's high quality requirements .

Use environment

1. Operating temperature of equipment environment: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

2. Relative humidity of use environment: should be controlled within 75%.

3. The equipment should avoid the radiation and vibration of other higher heat sources to avoid machine tool failure or loss of machine tool accuracy.

4. Voltage: 3 phases, 380V, voltage fluctuation within ± 10%, power frequency: 50HZ.

If the voltage in the area of use is unstable, the machine tool should be equipped with a regulated power supply to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool.

5. Air pressure: In order to ensure the normal working performance of the equipment, if the compressed air of the air source does not meet the requirements of the air source, an air source purification device (dehumidification, degreasing, filtration) should be added before the machine tool intake air.

6. The machine tool should have reliable grounding: the grounding wire is a copper wire, the wire diameter should not be less than 10mm², and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.

7. The ground wire of each CNC machine tool should be connected to a separate ground rod.

8. Grounding method: Drive a copper rod with a diameter of about Φ12mm into the underground 1.8 ~ 2.0m. The ground wire (the diameter of the wire is not less than the diameter of the power cord) must be reliably connected to the ground rod with screws.

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