aAXILE G6 Milling and Turning GANTRY TYPE VMC Compact Machine

Short Description:

With a rotary table diameter of 600 mm, the G6 is a compact vertical machining center designed for agile, smart machining of smaller workpieces requiring complex geometries and intricate features. This highly versatile VMC delivers full 5-axis CNC machining, with the built-in spindle moving along the X,Y,Z-axis, and the table moving in rotary C-axis and swiveling A-axis.

The G6’s perfect balance of speed and precision makes it the perfect option for job shops and production lines seeking an upgrade in machining capabilities, delivering high removal rates, excellent surface finishes, and maximum production efficiency.

In addition to the high-performance G6 model, AXILE also offers the G6 MT, which combines both milling and turning in one machine, greatly increasing operational flexibility. By reducing set-up times and potential clamping errors, the G6 MT can efficiently machine a wider variety of parts, including cylindrical components.

One Compact Machine, Limitless Applications


Product Detail

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High-performance built-in spindle
Table moved by swiveling-rotary axes
Perfect U-shape closed-gantry design
Linear scales in all guideways
For G6 MT – Mechanical and laser-type tool measurement system
For G6 MT – Integrated balancing system with additional screen monitor (Option)

Rotary table diameter: G6 — 600 mm; G6 MT — 500 mm
Max table load: G6 — 600 kg; G6 MT — 350 kg (Turning), 500 kg (Milling)
Max X, Y, Z axis travel: 650, 850, 500 (mm)
Spindle speed: 20,000 rpm (Standard) or 15,000 rpm (Option)
Compatible CNC controllers: Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens

Description Unit G6
Table diameter mm 600
Ma table load Kg 600
T-slot (w/pitch/no) mm 14x80x7
Max X,Y,Z travel mm 650x850x500
Feed rate m/min 36

Standard accessories:
Built-in transmission spindle with CTS
Cooling System
Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
Water chiller for table and spindle
Coolant Wash-Down and Filtration
Coolant through spindle (high pressure pump — 40 bar)
Coolant gun
Chip conveyor (Chain type)
Oil skimmer
Equipment and Component
Workpiece probe
Laser tool setter
Smart tool panel
Auto roof for overhead crane loading/unloading
Measuring System
Linear Scales
Rotary scales
Specially designed mechanical and laser type tool measurement system

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